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Hidden View Farms LLC

"where we’ve gone to the dogs"

Welcome to Hidden View Farms LLC. We are a top quality canine breeding facility focusing on a variety of different breeds. We strive to provide our customers with a high quality, happy, and healthy puppy. We hope you enjoy your visit here to our site!

Our names are Cole, David, and Teana Gordon. We are a family owned business. It takes all 3 of us, full time, to make this place run well!   Each of us have our own “specialty” here.  Teana works with the puppies and mommas, Dave works with the large breed adults and Cole works with the small breed adults.  Teana and Cole handle most of the emails, phone calls and puppy appointments while David delivers puppies!!  It works out very well for all of us!! We are also grooming the next generation of the family business as our two grandchildren work very well as our “puppy socializers.”

We began breeding in 2000.  We started with Shih Tzus and added Dachshunds very soon after.   Over the years we have spent much of our time focusing on furthering our education and learning the ins and outs of dog production; mainly for the welfare of our dogs and also so we can pass that information on to you in order to make your experience with your new family member the best possible situation. In 2005, our son Cole added the Poodles and Pomeranians with monies he earned from 4H projects.  All money from those went into his bank account and with those funds, he put himself through college, earning 3 degrees, debt free.  His business sense has been guiding us for some time now.  We have added several breeds to our group here since those early years!  We believe that we have such an amazing choice of breeds that we can help just about any person or family find a dog that will fit their lifestyle!!  

We are members of the Ohio BBB.  You can click on the link below to see our rating with them.  We strive to practice good, fair and honest business practices. 

 We are AKC inspected, being found to be in Complete Compliance with every inspection.  We are USDA and State of Ohio licensed.  Again, found to be in Compliance with every inspection.

 We are also a Brucellosis Free kennel, with all of our dogs being tested yearly!!

What this all means to you is that we are held to the utmost standards of care for our dogs.  You can be assured that your puppy comes from a clean, safe and loving environment!!