Why Choose Our Kittens & Puppies

Health Testing

All of our adult dogs are health tested! We DNA test all of our adults with Embark to screen for breed specific disorders and are able to ensure that your puppy will not be affected by these diseases. We also have a physical exam done on each of our adult dogs at least once a year to be sure they are in good health before each litter. Healthy parents are the first step to healthy puppies!

OFA Testing

OFA testing is another form of health testing that we do on all of our adults. We have all of our dogs OFA certified once they reach the appropriate age for Eyes, Patellas, Heart, Hips and Legg Calve Perthes. These are all tests that we perform in order to be sure that we are not passing on genetic diseases to our puppies.

Canine Care Certified

Canine Care is a VOLUNTARY program developed by Perdue University that addresses the health and overall welfare of the dogs in the care of breeders. This program has rigorous, science-based, expert reviewed standards for canine physical and behavioral welfare in areas such as nutrition, veterinary care, housing, handling and exercise. In order to become certified you have to check all of these boxes, which holds us to the highest standards of raising our dogs and puppies.

AKC Registered

The AKC has been the most prestigious kennel club in the United States for a very long time. By having our dogs AKC registered, it gives you a piece of mind that our dogs are high quality, well bred, and have a pedigree behind them. AKC inspects us on a yearly basis, and requires DNA testing in order to verify lineage.


The Better Business Bureau rates a business on how the business is likely to interact with its customers. Their rating of a business is based on information they obtain including complaints received from the public. We have an A+ rating with the BBB. We have been in business in Ohio since 2000. You're welcome to reach out to them to inquire on us as a business!

High Nutrition Pro Plan Foods

We have fed Purina Pro Plan foods for the majority of our breeding career. We believe their quality and nutritious foods have a direct impact on the health of our dogs. We feed our puppies the Toy Breed Puppy dry food. It is targeted formula with DHA from omega-rich fish oil to nourish brain and vision development as well as antioxidants to support a toy breed puppy’s developing immune system. It also is higher in calories and fat than many puppy foods on the market and we feel that those calories and fat are important to a puppy’s growth during that fast-growing stage of life!